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The Devotion of Suspect X – book reivew

The Devotion of Suspect X 
Keigo Higashino
Minotaur Books; hardcover; 304 pages
February 2011
3 stars

book cover - the devotion of suspect xWhen that abusive bastard of a stalker-moocher ex-husband won’t leave you alone, are you justified in murdering him? That’s precisely the question that is never even once raised in this novel by the bestselling Japanese mystery writer Keigo Higashino.

Yasuko Hanaoka divorced the bastard (Togashi), then changed jobs and moved to another apartment in order to shake him off. But he tracks her down anyway and, one night at her apartment, he crosses the line, threatening her and her daughter, Misato. The result? A corpse on the apartment floor.

Yasuko’s next door neighbor, the high school teacher and mathematician Ishigami, hears the scuffle and steps in to help. He choreographs the perfect crime. Why? Because he’s in love with Yasuko, because he’s “devoted,” as the title suggests.

All this we learn in the first couple of chapters. What ensues is an entertaining and escalating mystery featuring prize-winning Higashino’s recurring character, the physicist Dr. Manabu Yukawa, known affectionately as Professor Galileo. Continue reading